Did you know that a Bronze medalist always feels happier than a Silver?

This isn’t an accidental finding. It has been proven in numerous research studies that have examined the reactions of Silver and Bronze medalists. A Silver medalist should be happier than a Bronze medalist in ideal circumstances, but mathematics is not something the human brain can do. This is due to the phenomenon of COUNTERFACTUAL THINKING. Silver medalist says, “Oh, I couldn’t win the Gold medal.” So why can’t I win that Gold medal?Bronze medalist: “At the very least, I got a medal!”

A silver medal can be won after losing, but a bronze medal can be won after winning! This is also true in our daily lives. We are not able to appreciate what we have, but we feel regret about what we don’t have. We should be thankful for the blessings we have, as they outweigh our problems if we start counting. There are many options in life. To stay positive and motivated, count your blessings!

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