[LYRICS] The Message By Blessing Fidelis

[LYRICS] The Message By Blessing Fidelis

Are you ready? 3x
For the coming of the Lord (2x)

God’s mercies enduring
His faithfulness is sure
His love is overwhelming for me
For me and you
And that is why he sent his son
To die for me and you
Oh wonderful price he paid for me

Now he gave us his word
that he’s coming back again
To rapture the saint home
Oh are you ready?
Are you ready to see Jehovah
Oh are you ready for the coming of the Lord

Back to chorus 4x

Our sin and Filth was his clothing
Freedom purchased by grace
The old rugged cross became a hiding place
Whosoever believeth
Eternally, eternally life shall be

Back to chorus 2x

Oh come come come
Come, come and receive him
Come, eternal life is sure..

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